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My name is Crystal Oicle.

And I design branding and web experiences that are perfectly tailored to my clients needs. Through a combination of storytelling, clever thinking, and pixel wielding I am able to translate my client’s message into creative that delivers results.

I graduated from college in 2004 and landed my first job in advertising. By soaking up everything I could, my hybrid style was born – favouring web and print design in equal measure. Poster design has been my constant companion for the past six years. Movies, independent theatre, and music gig posters have progressed my approach to the bold and energetic flavour you see today.

Work has taken me all over the country. And after spending some amazing years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I now call Calgary, Alberta home. By working with local, national, and international businesses, along with furthering my own personal work, my portfolio features award winning work that I am always pleased to share. I am now lucky enough to be my own boss – constantly pushing past definitions and creating design that is an essential element of life.

You can find my work featured in publications like Communication Arts, Applied Arts, Design Edge, and Los Logos – based out of Berlin, Germany. If you want to buy some of my work, you can visit my Etsy shop, The Uncommons in Calgary, Alberta, or contact me directly.